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Paritech specialises in the development and integration of low touch, low cost, stockmarket brokerage systems. Our focus on cutting edge technology, coupled with a willingness to customise solutions, results in systems suitable for all broking firms - particularly those which provide trading services to advisory firms and asset management companies. Typically, such businesses require innovative solutions that enable the low cost delivery of trading services, with extensive use of APIs. With a focus on quality systems, comprehensive client service and low cost, Paritech provides a completely integrated brokerage solution for all.

Our comprehensive solution provides a technology platform from which to run a brokerage firm focused on API flow from Advisory and Asset Management firms. This includes online account opening, market data, trading terminals, order management, data feeds and so much more. The solution has been designed with the requisite redundancy to meet the exchange’s business continuity requirements.
Our major Australian customer is OpenMarkets Australia Limited. OpenMarkets has the largest order flow in Australia outside bank and institutional brokerage firms, and works with investors, traders and third party advisory firms. Paritech is currently implementing its leading-edge technology in two global brokerage firms; these will be online early 2018.
Our team is comprised of highly experienced software developers and business analysts, each with intimate knowledge of the industry. Our accommodative approach makes us responsive to clients’ needs for efficiency and ongoing innovation in a constantly evolving market.

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Paritech is the powerhouse technology and trading firm that specialises in servicing the modern sophisticated investor, as well as professional corporate organisations.

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