Support – AmiBroker FAQ’s

How to use AmiBroker with a Paritech MetaStock data source.
One-time setup
To use the Paritech Metastock data source with AmiBroker you will need to perform a one-time setup described below:
1. Run AmiBroker
2. Choose File->New database
3. Type a new Database folder name (for example: C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\MetaStockData) and click Create as shown in the picture below:

4. Next select the appropriate entry from Data source: eg Metastock users select "Metastock plug-in" as a Data Source and "Enable" from Local data storage

5. Next lick on Configure button to show plugin configuration dialog as shown in step 6 below

6. Click the "Add folder" button to add Metastock database directory as your data source (browse desired database folder and click OK) as shown below: We highly recommend you use C:\Shares\ASX\Equities folder and the C:\Shares\ASX\Indices folder as this will alleviate the need to add individual A to Z folders.

You can however if desired add unlimited number of Metastock directories from C:\Shares folder eg you may wish to also add C:\Shares\ASX\ETO?s or C:\Shares\World Indices ?.in all cases once the data folders have been add you will need to click the ?Retrieve? button. Once done click OK.
7. NOTE: to see all historical data on your charts change the ?Number of Bars? from 1000 to 8000 and click OK.

How to View Metastock Charts
1. Once configuration has finished you will be presented with the AmiBroker platform?.here, in the field titled Symbol enter for example ?anz? then select ANZ in the second
window to display a chart.
2. Please note that you will be able to view only the contents of the databases that you added eg in this case C:\Shares\ASX\Equites