Support – Which programs use Paritech EoD Data

Paritech's DataDirector3 service is a world class leader when it comes to the downloading of stock market data for use in technical analysis charting programs. Our data is provided on a historical an End of day and on an Intra day basis for use in programs such as MetaStock, Amibroker, OmniTrader, HotTrader, TradeGuider etc and many other popular charting ?programs.

"In fact any Technical Analysis Charting program that can read MetaStock formatted data can use Paritech data."

Paritech has built a sophisticated and time tested client/server system, supporting many, many clients downloading information daily across not only Australia but globally as well. ?Paritech's client software, DataDirector3, has been designed from the ground up to deliver, with a single click, the reliable and accurate data demanded by today's sophisticated Investors and Traders. Reliability is assured with automatic Database management to handle corporate actions that can include stock splits, name changes, consolidations, dilutions and additions.

DataDirector is certified by Equis, the makers of MetaStock, for full compatibility of the MetaStock format. Only Licensed Equis Distributors have the legal right to distribute MetaStock format data to retail customers. It is a breach of Equis copyright for non-licensed data vendors to distribute this format to customers (ensure you check your data vendor is a licensed Equis Distributor). Unfortunately some vendors do not advise their clients of this important factor. Do not accept MetaStock Data format from unlicensed distributors as the vendor will be required to cease the distribution of data in this format. Our technical support specialists are all expertly familiar DataDirector3 and will be able to assist you in quickly isolating the cause of any problems with your system and getting you up and investing again in the minimum possible time.

In summary, DataDirector3 provides an outstanding platform essential for giving you an unfair advantage in your daily investing activities across multiple Technical Analysis Charting programs.