MetaStock 15/16 Videos Tutorials

Getting Started with MetaStock15 - Registration
Note: once you have purchased MetaStock 15 you will also be charged a yearly $10.00USD "maintenance fee". This fee is charged by MetaStock and done directly via after you have registered. Please keep in mind MS15 will not function until the ?maintenance fee? has been paid. Once payment is complete a ?Datalink Maintenance Id? and ?a ?Datalink Maintenance Password? will be created and made available to you via email and from the My Downloads page on (See image 2 below). You will need both sets of user details to allow Metastock 15 to start. If you are not able to generate required details please use the "Support Chat" feature on the My Downloads page to confirm detail directly with Metastock (

To register for the "maintenance fee" see here:?