NSX and Paritech Announce Strategic Partnership.

The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), Australia?s second largest listing stock exchange, and Paritech, a leader in online trading and investment systems, today announced the signing of a strategic agreement to offer all NSX listed securities on Paritech’s trading systems. The enhanced service will offer easy online access to NSX securities for the first time and is targeted to go live by the end of first quarter 2012.

The NSX and Paritech today announced the creation of an exclusive partnership agreement to develop and introduce all NSX securities onto Paritech?s products offering end customers direct online trading access for the first time. The introduction of NSX?s securities onto Paritech?s suite of products will help meet the growing demand by investors and traders for easier and simpler online trading access onto the NSX stock market.

Paritech has been receiving NSX trading data since 2005. This relationship is now being expanded to include the actual online trading capability of NSX securities on Paritech?s suite of products. Investors and traders will be able to trade NSX securities online directly from their home computers for the first time.

Emlyn Scott, CEO of the National Stock Exchange, said:

?Investors and traders have been telling us that they want to trade our stocks online. We know this has been a barrier for many investors to actively trade on the NSX market. Paritech is recognised as a leader in online trading systems and tools, and we are very pleased to be working with Paritech to offer online access to our stocks.?

?Interest from companies wanting to list on NSX has grown significantly recently and as companies become better informed they realise that NSX provides a very attractive listing solution that?s quicker, simpler and far less expensive. Similarly, investor and trader interest in NSX stocks has also been steadily growing. The introduction of online internet access to trade NSX stocks is an exciting development and represents a real evolution in our service offering.?

Rick Klink, CEO of Paritech, said: ?We are proud that the NSX has selected Paritech?s state of the art FIX based Trading technologies to deliver its? online trading requirements into the future. This new service will address the many requests we have had from our current Stockbroking clients for Straight Through trading (STP) access to NSX stocks via the PULSE trading platform?.

?This agreement is also very strategic as it will allow Australian and International Stockbrokers, for the first time, seamless access to all Australian trading markets (ASX, NSX and CHI-X) via the one trading platform, ending the current fragmentation of Australian Order Management solutions?.

For further information please contact:

National Stock Exchange of Australia:

Ian Craig

Companies Manager + 61(3) 9001 0304 ian.craig@nsxa.com.au

Paritech Pty Ltd

Rick Klink

CEO +61 (3) 8669 1933 raklink@paritech.com.au

About the National Stock Exchange of Australia:

The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) is Australia?s second largest listing stock exchange. It is an Australian Market Licence holder specialising in listing growth companies. NSX currently has 130 securities listed on its market with a combined market capitalization in excess of $2.5 billion. NSX has 18 participating brokers and 32 nominated adviser firms. NSX also offers an outsourced hosting solution to a number of foreign stock exchanges utilising its leading edge technology and market expertise.

Further information on the National Stock Exchange of Australia can be found at www.nsxa.com.au.

About the Paritech Pty Ltd:

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Paritech is a leading provider of solutions to the Financial Services Industry.

Paritech?s focus over the past fifteen years has been to provide turn-key solutions to its clients.

Organisational skill sets include Systems/Software Development, Project Management, Systems Implementation and training. Our primary clients include Stockbrokers, Wealth Management, Investment Firms and Fund Managers.