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Paritech AmiBroker Real time Plugin

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For more info on AmiBroker See Here

  Paritech AmiBroker Real Time Plugin Fee

  Paritech AmiBroker Pulse Plugin: $350.00 (Must have an existing Pulse subscription to use this plugin).

  Ongoing Yearly Maintenance fee after first year:

  Paritech AmiBroker Plugin : $110.00

For more information please call our sales consultants on 1300 652 511

The Paritech AmiBroker plugin allows you to use Paritech Data inside AmiBroker. AmiBroker is a techincal analysis charting program for finance and investment data.  More information about AmiBroker can be found from its website:

The Plugin supports current day data feed for Real Time charts and Real Time watchlists. Live data streams into Amibroker each time you login. When viewing a chart AmiBroker displays and collects that tick data into a database....this can then accumulate into a historical database of several days. This can only occur if you login each day to collect the data for each specific stock. Note: only current day tick data is viewable in AmiBroker if you miss a day the the historical “Tick” charts will display the missing Tick Data gap.