Pulse FAQ’s – Watchlist’s ver 3.5 onwards

Watchlists in Pulse 3.5 onwards have had a major revamp.
The main aim of this revamp is to provide a better user interface. (You no longer have to save a watchlist whenever you make a change to it.) It also provides a basis for future feature enhancements. However, there are some operational differences in how watchlists work in Pulse 3.5 compared to version 3.4. For basic usage, it should be easy to adapt to the new 3.5 watchlists. However there are some new concepts in these watchlists which need to be understood in order for them to be fully used.The purpose of this article is to describe the new watchlists so that full use can be made of their new capabilities.

Watchlist Components
A watchlist in Pulse 3.5 is made up of 3 components:

  • 1) Symbol List
  • 2) Symbol List Order
  • 3) Column Layout

The symbol list specifies the symbols in the watchlist. Each symbol has a row in the watchlist which displays its values. There are different type of symbol lists. These are further discussed below. The order of the symbol rows in the watchlist is a separate component in a watchlist. Most symbol lists allow watchlists to re-order rows by dragging them to a different position. This order is stored as part of the watchlist. The final component is the column layout. This specifies which which columns are visible in the watchlist and the order of the columns. When you create a new watchlist, or open a symbol list, then a default layout is used. However you can specify that you want to keep your existing layout when you create a new watchlist or open a symbol list.

Shared and Private Watchlist?s
A watchlist can be shared or private.

A private watchlist can only be displayed in one display window pane. It is saved with that window when that window is saved as part of that layout. However if that window is closed, then the watchlist is lost. Any changes to its columns or symbol order will not affect any other watchlist windows. Changes to its symbol list may affect other watchlist windows if they use the same Shared Symbol List (discussed below).

A named watchlist can be saved independently of its display window. This allows the watchlist to be re-used in another window even if the previous window in which it was displayed is closed. It also allows the watchlist to be displayed in 2 or more windows simultaneously. If a shared watchlist is displayed in more than one window at one time, then any changes to the Symbol List, Symbol List Order or column layout will affect the other window(s) displaying that named watchlist. When a new watchlist is created, it is created as a private watchlist. The watchlist is shared by saving it as a "watchlist". Also, a shared watchlist can be converted back to a private watchlist by saving it as a private watchlist. If a window holds a shared watchlist then its caption will include the watchlist name in angled brackets<>. If the watchlist is private, then the watchlist name will be in square brackets[]

Symbol Lists
Pulse supports several different types of Symbol Lists. These are:

  • 1) Portfolio (P:)
  • 2) Server (S:)
  • 3) GICS (G:)
  • 4) Market Movers (M:)

A Portfolio Symbol List is a symbol list which users construct. A user can add and delete Portfolio Symbol lists to the Pulse installation. Each list can also have symbols added and deleted from it. The symbols can be re-ordered by the user in a watchlist. A Server Symbol List is a symbol list provided by the Pulse servers. Examples of server lists are: ASX Top 20, ASX Top 200. Users cannot add new server lists; nor can they change the symbols in these lists. Users however can re-order symbols in these lists. The servers will update these lists as appropriate. GICs Symbol Lists are similar to Server Symbol lists. They provide lists of symbols in GICS market segments. Market Movers lists are symbol lists that correspond to the symbols seen in the Market Movers display. These lists are dynamically updated while the market is open and the order of symbols in these lists cannot be changed. It is possible to save a Server, GICS or Market Movers Symbol List to a Portfolio Symbol List. This allows you to take a 'snapshot' of one of these symbol lists and then do your own modifications to it.The symbol list type and its name is shown next to the buttons above the symbol list. The type is specified by its abbreviation which has the format x: where x is one of the letters in the list above. A full description of the watchlist and its symbol list cab be viewed by moving the mouse over the symbol list name.

Shared and Private Symbol Lists
Symbol Lists can also be named or private. A private symbol list can only be used in one watchlist. It is saved as part of that watchlist. It cannot be re-used in other watchlists. Only Portfolio Symbol lists can be private.
A shared symbol list can be saved independently of a watchlists. This allows the symbol list to be re-used in other watchlists. It can even be used in 2 different watchlists which are displayed at the same time. If a symbol lists is displayed in 2 different watchlists, then any changes to that symbol list will be appear in both displays. Note that since watchlists can order their symbol lists differently, the lists will be the same however the order of the symbols in the watchlist may differ.