Pulse FAQ’s – What’s New

Current Release

Release History
20 Nov 2017
Add mixed security information (requires full ChiX)

Add mixed depth and sales (requires full ChiX)

Add mixed course of sales (requires full ChiX)

Add market column to depth view

Remove price step restrictions for centre point style markets

10 Oct 2017
The depth view can now include a market column.

An access violation could occur in the brokerage accounts
view when the view was account linked.

25 Sep 2017
Order pad: Time in force is set to default value depending on order destination.

The auto save layout option is now saved. Previously the option was reset on
Pulse close.

The expiry date for ASX Options was shown with an incorrect value.

14 Sep 2017
Multi market support. Pulse now provides access to multiple
markets simultaneously.

Chi-X market support added.

Mixed depth view for symbols spanning multiple markets.

New fundamental data source.

Best lit market price router.

Pulse provides a real time ASX news feed for ASX news
subscribers. Other users receive the free 20 minute
delayed news feed.

Orders view can now be filtered by a symbol.

Simple market select option to automatically choose
an appropriate market for symbols.

Remove dependence on InsClient. Pulse now connects directly
to all services.

Pulse now provides a COM automation server for Excel and
other third party applications. Previously the COM
automation server was provided by a Pxpcs2.dll.