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The latest version of Marketscan ver 4.5 is available from the Support - Downloads page.

If you wish to back up your “My Searches and Lists” file prior to upgrading simply copy the MySearchesandLists file located in C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data\Paritech\Marketscan folder to My Documents then copy back to the same location after the upgrade. This proceedure is for Windows XP, for Vista and Win 7 you will need to go to C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\Paritech\MarketScan folder.

When you start MarketScan you will be asked to input your user name and password. These details will have been allocated to you by Paritech when you account was initially opened. In the case of existing Paritech clients, the username and password you use to download data are to be used to log onto MarketScan.


This is due to the way Windows Vista and Windows 7 denieds access to the internet for certain programs.....To eleminate this error locate the Marketscan.exe file (usually here C:\Program Files or Program Files x86\Paritech\MarketScan folder) right click on it and select Properties….in the Properties window click on the Compatibility tab and at the bottom under "Privilage Level" put a tick in Run as Administrator click Apply then OK ….start Marketscan.

Paritech Support - FAQ’s - Marketscan

Once you have done this the Main Menu of Paritech MarketScan will appear. The Main Menu displays all of the high level functions from which you can access either pre-defined scans or alternatively look to create your own scans and/or watch lists

The introduction of Paritech’s MarketScan will give investors access to the same information professional's use in their day to day trading. Paritech’s MarketScan comes with a series of pre-programmed scans, including a Sector Index Performance scan, which is will rank the performance of all ASX S&P Indices over the last three months. And how easy is it to run this scan? Well, lets walk through the steps and see. To run Paritech’s Index Performance scan we simply highlight the criteria we want and click on "Search" from the menu in the bottom pane.

Having done this Paritech’s MarketScan will then display results.

And its that easy. Now lets look at the results – as we pan left to right we can see the Index symbol, Index name and its three month percentage change. Moving down the list we can see the Indexes have been ranked by their relative performance from strongest to weakest.


Next we might want to know which stocks make up some of the better performing Indices. For the purpose of this exercise, lets assume that we believe that the Retail sector will out perform the broader market over the coming twelve months and therefore we want to further our research of stocks in this area.

So lets see how we identify which stocks make up an Index. To do this we simply go back to the Main Menu screen and select the Rank Shares in Industry by Performance scan.

Once selected, The List screen and Index menu window appear and you are asked to click on the drop down menu and select Retail. Having done this click on ok and MarketScan will compile a list of stocks.

We can now see the relevant stocks, as listed by their ASX code, name and their three month percentage  price change.

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