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Paritech Support - FAQ’s - Pulse

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Under the Pulse Tools menu there are three items related to Alerts. These menu items are:

The "Notifiers" menu allows you to configure more advanced notification methods. However for most uses of Alerts, this menu item can be ignored. The other 2 items (Alerts and Alarms) both are important when using Alerts in Pulse. Below is an explanation of what Alerts and Alarms are.

If you want to be notified when a certain condition arises (for example, the close price for a security exceeds a particular price value), you create an alert. This is done with the Tools -|- Alerts menu item in Pulse.

Press the "Add" button to create a new alert. You can then set the properties of the alert. These properties include:

The Status of the alert is also shown. It can have one of the following values:

An alert will fire when the condition specified by the trigger arises. The following occurs when an alert is fired:

Alerts and Alarms which are "Unacknowledged" will flash to indicate that they are new. They will also appear on Alert and Alarm windows which are set to "Unacknowledged only".

If the "Alerts" button in the title bar is clicked then (by default), an alerts window will be displayed that shows all unacknowledged alerts. This behaviour can be changed in the Options windows (Tools | Options | Messaging | Alerts Title Bar Button).

Important Note: Please ensure that "Acknowledge All" is not checked in the "Alerts Title Bar Button" options. If this is checked, then the alerts window will be blank when the "Alerts" button is clicked. (This option will be removed in future releases of Pulse")

The actual information displayed on an alerts window can be modified by right clicking on the window and selecting/unselecting one of the following items:

Every time an alert fires, it generates a new alarm. So one alert can generate multiple alarms. An alert will remain unacknowledged while any of its alarms remain unacknowledged. If an alert is itself acknowledged, then all its alarms will be acknowledged.

You can view the alarms in the Alarms Window (Tools | Alarms). Each alarm is given the name of the alert which generated it. You can sort the alarms by clicking on the header of the column you want to sort on. You can also control what information is displayed on this window. As with the alerts window, the actual information displayed on an alarms window is modified by right clicking on the window and selecting/unselecting one of the following items:

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