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DataDirector Data MetaStock 16


taDirector 3 - Market Information at your finger tips

Markets available for you to access data include:
Australian Share Price Data 
Full equities service, ASX including warrants and company options, both available in end of day and hourly snapshots, plus ETO data.

US Share Price Data
Full equities service available for AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ,

All prices of the data provided to you are carefully checked and any errors or omissions are corrected.

Historical data is accessible to you and extends back 15 years where available. However, there are some blue-chip companies and indices that provide historical information as far back as 1982.



Invest in reliable, accurate and timely data with Paritech for your trading success.

  • Only download what you need.
  • Keeping your database size to a minimum.
  • Works with any MetaStock format program. Groups all "Stocks" in one folder.
  • Keeps warrants and options separately.
  • One click to creates Index lists, ASX 300, ASX 200 ASX 50 etc.
  • One click to creates Sector lists, Banks, Retails, Energy, etc Covers all major overseas indices.
  • Checks your database and automatically knows what date range to update.
  • Extremely fast download speeds.
  • Automatically adjusts for stock splits and name changes.
  • No need to run DM after download Scans and deletes companies that are de-listed (after 3 months).
  • Periodically checks your database and repairs any potential problems.
  • Single click action.Using DD3 is simply a matter of selecting which database's option wish to create and download then click "Update". DD3 will then create and automatically maintain each database, this includes carrying out automatic maintenance for stock splits, consolidations, dilutions etc. DD3 will also automatically fix any corrupted data file. DD3 will also remove any stocks that have not traded for 3 months.


Paritech is a world leader in the download of financial information including End of day Data, Intra day data and Real Time data ?to charting, analysis and portfolio management software programs. We have built a sophisticated and time tested client/server system, supporting many thousands of clients downloading information daily across Australia, the United States and Europe. We offer a range of data products and services, covering both technical and fundamental analysis.

With 10's of thousands of Data Users, Paritech's Data service is Accurate, Reliable, Fast and cost effective. The data we provide to our retail clients is also used by many Financial Institutions, Leading Media organizations and even the Australian Government Treasury.

Realtime DATA

Paritech is committed to the ongoing development of the Realtime data platform. The aim of this development is to position our Realtime data at the forefront of Information Terminals globally. As part of this, Paritech continues to invest substantial research and development into the ongoing development of our Realtime data platform. Paritechs PULSE is a new generation Real time market information, analysis and reporting platform designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of today's traders and investment professionals.


Paritech understands the importance of fast, reliable and accurate data. As the largest end of day data vendor in Australia, data is delivered to you via the Internet in minutes. Historical data is accessible to you and extends back 15 years where available. However, there are some blue-chip companies and indices that provide historical information as far back as 1982. Paritech EOD and Hourly Equities Data Service DataDirector - Data for local and global markets. For use in programs such as MetaStock, Insight Trader, AmiBroker, MTPredictor, Advanced Get, EzyCharts, TradeStation, OmniTrader, HotTrader, Stex and many other popular charting and portfolio management programs. Data is provided both on a historical and End of day? as well as Intra day basis.

Australian Share Price Data ? Full equities service, ASX including warrants and company options, both available in end of day and hourly snapshots. Plus ETO data.

DataTools International Futures, Commodities & Forex
Combined with historical and End of day data, the DataTools program, which has been designed to make futures data easy to download, organise and understand. Data is also usable in MetaStock compatible programs.

MetaStock 16

What's new in MetaStock XVI?

NEW - Improved MetaStock Explorer
The Explorer has been re-imagined with a more friendly interface to help you identify the information you need more quickly. Watch the Video

  • Instantly know the number of results and rejects while being able to see the name of your scan, run time, and if a filter is being applied, interval, and periods displayed in one screen
  • Click "View Details" to quickly view your exploration overview and details
  • View all explorations reports in one window rather than going through each one individually
  • Double click on any row in the exploration report and it will open your chart
  • Leave the exploration report open and work with your charts at the same time
  • View all past exploration results in one easy to access screen

    NEW - Improved Interface and Usability
    One of the great features in MetaStock is the huge amount of systems and securities available to you as a trader. It's important to get what you want when you need it. That's why we've included the following usability features in MetaStock XVI:
  • Favorites - Add ANY exploration or system test to your favorites. The favorites list is displayed at the top of the Exploration Window or Systems Test Window, making it easy for you to quickly access your preferred work flows. As an added bonus you can now view all results from only your favorite Explorations or all explorations. Watch the Video
  • Most Recently Used Indicators List - See the 20 most recently used indicators on your indicator quick list - right at the top. This makes your most used indicators much easier to find and apply to your charts.
  • Sort by Name or Symbol - Rank your symbols in the Power Console by "Name" or "Symbol." This makes finding the right symbol quicker and easier. Watch the Video
  • Double Click to Open Charts - Simply double click on symbols in the Power Console instrument list to open the Chart.

    NEW Ways to Edit Local Data
    There are now two ways to edit your local data (MS Local and CSV).
    1. Edit your data in the downloader in the data sheet
    2. If you prefer, edit local data directly from a chart in MetaStock by right clicking on the price and choosing to edit data. This will bring up a datasheet right in MetaStock that you can use to edit the data.

    NEW Candle Pattern Scans
    There are 5 new explorations based on CandleStick Patterns:

  • CandleStick Bearish Patterns - Identifies 6 Patterns
  • CandleStick Bullish Patterns - Identifies 6 Patterns
  • CandleStick Continuation Patterns - Identifies 3 Patterns
  • CandleStick Doji Patterns - Identifies 8 Patterns
  • CandleStick Reversal Patterns - Identifies 12 Patterns

    NEW Adaptive Cycle Toolkit
    Formerly a separate add-on selling for $399, Adaptive Cycle Toolkit is now included in MetaStock XVI. ACT has two completely new sets of indicators and trading tools that harness the power of digital signal processing based on the research of John Ehlers. Find out more.

    MetaStock XVI Pricing

    Existing Paritech Data Clients:

    Call one of our sales consultants on 1300 652 511 to discuss your needs and options.

    Stand alone Cost: $749.00AUD without a data subscription

    Upgrade from MetaStock 11 or prior: $375.00AUD*

    Upgrade from MetaStock 15 to 16: $176.00AUD*

    *Proof of prior MetaStock purchase is required

    New Clients:

    Special Package Offer for new Metastock/Data Clients

    Only $1148.00 includes.

    • MetaStockXVI - $698.00AUD
    • Before Midnight ASX Data feed inc history & hourly snapshot data plus Overseas Indices and Metals data $450.00(normally $530.00).
    • 1st Level Technical support for MetaStock 16 included free (normally $110.00).
    • DataDirector3 (DD3) Data downloading utility support included free.

    Note: once you have purchased MetaStock 16 you will also be charged a yearly USD $10.00 maintenance fee. This fee is charged by MetaStock and done directly via after you have registered. Please keep in mind MS16 will not function until the "maintenance fee" has been paid. Once payment is complete a "datalink maintenance Id" and a "datalink maintenance password" will be created and made available to you from the My Downloads page on . You will need both sets of user details to allow Metastock 16 to start.